Current Small Business Incubators

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Small Business Incubators

As the fluid dynamics of our economy and infrastructure change, maker space community labs fill a void in bringing technology, and the education to use it, to the general population.

Our goal at the Morland MakerSpace Institute is to create a certain volume of allied high-tech business incubators that will cooperatively help offset our G&A overhead in providing “no-cost” technology learning labs for our participating rural students.

We will use our applied technologies to create value-based businesses within our rural communities. By doing so, we hope to repurpose the under-employed and revitalize rural potential.

We currently have several business incubator projects nearing completion.


Bear Headboard

Custom Carve Incubator:

  • We have acquired a large CNC table and are in the process of converting it from a keyed system to a RS232 integrated computer controlled unit.
  • The system will be capable of carving wood, plastics and soft metals like aluminum.
  • We hope to produce custom carved rustic furniture and parts for use in our future robotic ventures.




FDA Sauce Manufacturing Plant Incubator:

  • We have a current certificate from the Better Process Control School (U.C. Davis).
  • Once we complete the build-out, we will apply for FDA inspection.
  • Our FDA Sauce Manufacturing Plant is configured to function as a pilot plant. We will use strategic co-packers to facilitate just in time manufacturing for larger orders.
  • We will market our own brands as well as offering private label opportunities for small restaurants, museums, gift shops, specialty gourmet retailers, fund raisers, other maker spaces, etc. ¬†Minimum orders will be 3 cases per flavor.
  • The above picture is an example of our products produced under one of our many house brands.